High Quality Raw Material

Our choice of materials ensures that you can create a kitchen designed to match your needs and budgets with the help of top-quality materials. With Daz Mogen you can opt for a modular kitchen design crafted fully with Marine Grade Plywood.

Marine Ply

An extremely durable and waterproof plywood (BWR/BWP), its endurance to water exposure makes it ideal for kitchen use. The high-grade ply is known for its structural strength and resistance to expansion or contraction with change in temperature and moisture.

Cabinet Finishes–your choice

Play with widest range of cabinet finishes for your Daz Mogen modular kitchen. Whether it’s a authentic wood pattern in laminate or hardwood , sobriety with a Matt finish or high-gloss in Acrylic —you find it all in Daz Mogen.

Accessories for Kitchen Cabinets

Manufactured by top brand Hettich, the accessories in your Daz Mogen modular kitchen is suitable for kitchens exposed to moisture.

A high-quality choice for kitchen wire baskets and other accessories, stainless steel 304 grade offers durability, resistance to stains, and easy maintenance. Not readily prone to rust or corrosion even in a wide range of atmospheric environments, these accessories are safe and long lasting.

Extensive Base & Wall Cabinet Ranges

Base cabinets are offered in multiple widths and ranges for storing everything you need daily kitchen routines.

  • Bottle Pull Outs —for bottles, jars, towels to cleaning liquids
  • Cooking Unit (Hob Base)—for tableware, spices to pots and pans
  • Drawers— Fitted with soft close mechanism and high load bearing capacities of 30, 50 and 65 kg
  • Storage Shelves—Available in single or double door options
  • Sink Base— Fitted with various accessories like bins and storage for cleaning agents
  • Gas Cylinder —Comes with a trolley stand for your cylinder

Wall Cabinets are offered in various modules to meet your functional needs, along with a combination of wood & glass front panels for your every aesthetic whim.

  • Lift Up— A soft close mechanism with removable shelves
  • Rolling Shutters—Matt Aluminum shutters positioned on the countertop
  • Wet dishes— Multipurpose tray and plate rack, with dripping water  removable bottom tray

Tall Units & Mid-Tall Units

Anything and everything finds home in the tall unit module. — whether it’s a family pack of noodles, month-long supply of tea-time rusks, or mango pickle jars from grandma.  A much sought-after feature, it is popular not without reason. Now get a tall-unit that fits your kitchen size and budget.

Open Kitchen Shelfs

Yield maximum beauty by combining open shelves with closed cabinets, therefore creating a spacious ambience. Display and style in full view — plants, framed pictures, and pretty jars, all in one place.

Drawer Accessories

Customize your cutlery tray with all your spoons, forks, knives and even rolling pin, whisks, pestle, nutcracker and more in neat compartments inside your cutlery drawer. This intuitive inner dividing system by Hettich features dividers that you can adjust according to drawer contents. With an anti-skid base, you will never have to worry about your crockery breaking when you open the drawer.

Breakfast or Island Counters

Islands enjoy the celebrated status of jack-of-all-trades for modern kitchens. A stylish island or breakfast counter may function as an extra food preparation counter, an added size-able storage space, a casual breakfast table, a separator for open plan kitchens to a homework station for your kids as you cook.

KItchen Chimney

Chimneys are available from various top international brands and in a multitude of designs — curved, rectilinear, as well as with design details in glass. Depending on the how the chimney is mounted, Chimneys are available in 3 types, as follow.

1. Wall Mounted —  Affixed between two cabinets, directly above your hob for maximum efficacy. Designed for the kitchens where stove located near the wall. Less or no ducting/pipes requires for exhaust smoke.

2. Built Under — Affixed between two cabinets, where stove / hob located in middle of kitchen.

3. Island — Perfect for cooktops affixed on islands, the island kitchen chimney extends to the ceiling, becoming a central element in your modular kitchen.


At Daz Mogen, you can pick from a range of hobs, depending on how you like to cook.

  1. Gas — The traditional gas hobs create uniform flame, with cooking gas supplied from a cylinder or pipeline.
  2. Induction — The Induction hobs, which use a magnetic field to create heat between the pan and hob, are known to be energy efficient, quick, and considered a cleaner choice.
  3. Glass — These toughened glass cooktops are a visual and culinary delight. Perfect for contemporary kitchens, these are now the most popular hob type.
  4. Steel –-These classic cooktops never go out of style. Easy to clean and maintain, these are available with varying number of burner options as well as a choice of built-ins.

Built- in Appliances

Daz Mogen provides a host of Built –In appliances designs to choose from, all from top International brands, for your heating, cooking , refrigeration, cleaning  needs .Keeping in mind an efficient work triangle, appliances are integrated inside a cabinet for an uncluttered look.

It can be combined with a various ranges and models.

  1. Built-In Oven— Bake cookies, cakes, pizzas and much more with this wonder inside a box
  2. Built-In Microwave— For all your heating, cooking and roasting needs
  3. Built-In Refrigerator –Have a panel door that matches the rest of your kitchen
  4. Built-In Dishwasher— Hygienically clean and dry your dirty utensils , with just a push of a few buttons.

Sink & Sink Accessories

Sinks are available in multiple sizes, single or double bowl varieties as well as with the option of functional draining board on the side, to drying of pots and pans. Sinks module also comes with accessories such as Auto-lid dust bins, Detergent holder and Waste segregator.

  1. Stainless Steel Sinks –The classic stainless steel sinks are popular for their durability, affordable price, easy maintenance, and versatility.
  2. Granite Sinks — Sinks in Granite gives your kitchen a splendid look. Also they are known for their durability
  3. Ceramic Sinks — A uniquely stylish option, a ceramic sink, if taken care of, is durable easy to maintain and less noisy compared to steel sinks
  4. Undermount Sinks — Known for a continuous and edgeless installation, the undermount sink is set at a lower level than your countertop, affixed from below the sink cut-out

Kitchen WorkTops

At Daz Mogen, choose from exciting kitchen worktop options available in a wide range of colors, designs and price segments.

Granite —   The spirit of luxury, the strength of this timeless stone is like no other. It registers no heat damage, is virtually scratch resistant, and stain resistant when sealant-coated.

Quartz — This lustrous material with 90% natural Quartz, is recommended for its strength and durability. Often mimicks natural stones, it requires minimal maintenance, is non-absorbent, and resists heat damage.

Corian Stone Surfaces —A solid synthetic surface material by DuPont, is a favoured choice for its availability in a great deal of colors. It’s easy to clean, resistant to stains, with scratches easily buffed. However, hotpads are advisable.

Ergonomics– the way Kitchens should be designed

Kitchen ergonomics, looks at the way kitchens should be designed, from the cooking to the cleaning and refrigeration areas. Kitchens that are ergonomically designed, balance our movements around the kitchen and reduce the load of stress on the body while performing everyday kitchen activities, preventing multiple aches and pains resulting from poorly designed kitchens.

Daz Mogen designers integrates a all essential of kitchen ergonomic concepts that will blend seamlessly with your home decor.

Hinges & Hardwares

Daz Mogen uses a combination of the best hardware and hinges from top brands and vendors, to make your kitchen last a lifetime. The combination of accessories and hardware is recommended by your kitchen expert after assessing all your needs and the mix is optimized for your kitchen space.


Daz Mogen mostly uses handle-less kitchens come fitted with the innovative G profile in chrome finish, for convenient opening and closing. For the kitchens with handles, you can choose from our minimal range with contemporary handles finished in silver, chrome or SS, or opt for our exquisite antique range of classic handles.

Faucets for your Kitchen

Wash and clean in style with contemporary kitchen faucets from the best of brands — they don’t just look good but are designed for high utility and comfort. Come visit our showroom for choice as you decide between fixed faucets and mixers in multiple heights or the practical, easy-rinse pull-out faucets.