Want to be a Daz Mögen Business Associate

If you love introducing outstanding home interior designs and managing client relationships, we would love to work with you.






Be a Daz Mögen Business Associate

How it Works

Once you become a Business Associate

Bring Leads

You share the leads of our potential clients with Daz Mogen Team. After a brief Introduction of Daz Mogen Products & Services, you arrange a client meeting with our Project team at the Daz Mogen showroom or the site to offer our expert advice.

Coordinate Client Sales Workflow

We draft designs and once approved by the client, Daz Mogen will manufacture and install the products at clients' site while you will act as custodian of our customer relationship and oversee that the client is satisfied with the final delivery.

Earn & Grow

We share with you our marketing cost and sales coordination benefits. You will be entitled to a total 3% of the project cost where 1.5% of the project cost will be paid for booking client's order and balance 1.5% on the completion of the project.

Have more questions?

Q1. I want to be on my own. Are you asking me to employ myself with Daz Mogen?

We respect your decision to be on your own, whether it’s as an entrepreneur or a freelancer or as part of a marketing firm. With the Business Associate program, you don’t have to employ yourself with Daz Mogen. Instead, you will be our associate. We will sign a contract to work together and you will earn a percentage of the total project value you work on.

Q2. What will my revenue-share be?

3% of the final project value for leads you bring. Average ticket size / project at Daz Mogen is Rs. 4 Lacs. Business Associates typically close 3 new projects every month (works out to Rs. 36,000 per month), with our top Design Partners doing 5-8 as well (works out to Rs. 48000 – Rs. 96000 per month).

Q3. Why should I route my own leads through Daz Mogen?

Why shouldn’t you? With Daz Mogen, your leads get the best of both worlds – working with you and high-quality products delivered within 30-days flat, from Daz Mogen. We also offer the clients with company catalog with amazing designs and manage the project professionally.

Q4. What all does Daz Mogen do and not do, in the home décor space?

Daz Mogen offers turnkey, modular, fixed furniture solutions. This includes woodwork, accessories (e.g., granite slabs, handles, sinks) and appliances (e.g., hobs & chimneys). In addition to this, we also have partnerships with vendors who do lighting, wooden flooring, minor electrical and civil work needed for installation, false ceiling and wall paper.

Q5. So, can I not offer anything else to my clients other than Daz Mogen products?

We recognize the importance of a customer having a single solutions provider for her / his home décor needs. If there are services that Daz Mogen or its preferred vendors don’t provide (e.g., cots, sanitary ware etc), you can leverage your own network of service providers to offer these to your Daz Mogen clients. These will not fall under the purview of the Daz Mogen 30-day guarantee or the 5-year warranty, so it’s best if you have a separate contractual arrangement with the client for all non-Daz Mogen work.

Q6. When will I receive my payment?

Half your revenue share of the final project value when the customer pays the first 10%; remaining half upon installation completion. Customers pay Daz Mogen 10% when confirming that they want us to do their project; 40% when they sign off on the final design and drawings and the remaining 50% before final delivery and installation.

Q7. I may have other questions. Who can I reach out?

Feel free to reach out to the following Daz Mogen team with more questions: Email: sales@dazmogen.com Phone: Bobin Peter (+91-8086600072)