Lighting ideas for a child’s room can be very tricky. You want to make it luminous, you want to make it fun and you also want the child to love the look in their room. Here are a few ideas for lighting in your child’s room.

Bedside lighting is advisable so that the child does not wake up scared in the middle of the night. Lamps are an option but the child is not going to get up to switch it on. An alternative to the bedside lighting is a trail of fairy lights which encircle around the child’s bed. This could keep the room luminous as well as provide enough lighting in the room. The child would love the way it looks on the bed. This can be done if you have a bedstead otherwise you will have to choose a wall and do it there. Choose LED’s if you are doing this in the room. It will provide a glow and look cute as well.

A birdcage is another alternative to lighten up the child’s room. It looks extremely beautiful, can be hung on the ceiling or near a window and provides enough light to reassure the child. Birdcages come with a trail of yellow lights, they are also fun to play with and the child will love the glow from therein. Birdcages are available in various styles and patterns.

Hang a pendant light near the door so that the light does not fall on the child’s bed but keeps the room illuminated. Pendant lights can be chosen in pairs or a single light can be hung. You can choose the size of the light and hang it right above the door or at a safe distance from the bed. Since the child needs light during the day too, it is also advisable to have enough white light for daytime. As the child grows and learns to read and white, there will be necessity to have light near the bed or study table. This can be done with the tube light or white light.

To add creativity in the room, create a pastel colored mural and extend it to the ceiling with a yellow bulb in there. This will please the child and will also give a new look to the room. Modern and friendly lamps are available in sets which can be illuminated and provide a different look to the room. They come in different shapes and sizes which children love. Many beside lights are available in the shape of cartoons which can be fixed right over the bed. These are a few budget friendly ways to add lighting to the child’s room and decorate it in a beautiful way.

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