Even though kitchen chimneys are not a new thing, it’s only recently that the trend of having a modular kitchen with kitchen hobs and chimneys has got its deserved attention. Anyone cooking with a hob needs to have a chimney installed in the kitchen. It is the easiest and most effective way of getting rid of all the cooking smells and odors.

Now, the most important thing while choosing a chimney is to make sure it works well with the existing ducting in the house. There are ductless chimneys that recycle the air instead of simply removing it outside, and there are chimneys with ducts that work like an exhaust escape. Also, ductless chimneys need charcoal filters which have to be maintained and changed regularly while ducting chimneys are easier to keep clean. A chimney with a mesh aluminium filter for can easily get blocked by oil and grease, so it’s a complete no-no for such kitchens. Chimneys with Baffle filters on the other hand work nicely even in oily and greasy kitchens.

Another important metric to use when choosing a chimney is the suction capacity. Chimney suction power depends on the size of your kitchen and home. For a home with 1 to 3 rooms 500 m3/hr to 650 m3/hr suction power chimney is sufficient. Home with bigger kitchen choose 650 m3/hr to 1000 m3/hr suction power chimney. The thumb rule for chimney suction power is kitchen should able to changes the air 10 times per hour. It means to calculate the air volume in your kitchen by calculating the volume of the kitchen then multiple kitchen chimney volume by 10. For instance, you have a kitchen of width 5m, length 4m, and height 2.5m. Calculating volume of room w x L x H = 4 x 4 x 2.5 = 50m3. Now multiple room volume by 10. 50m3 x 10 = 500 m3 . So chimney suction power must be at least 500m3/hr

Chimneys are available from various top international brands and in a multitude of designs — curved, rectilinear, as well as with design details in glass. Depending on the how the chimney is mounted, Chimneys are classified into 3 types, as follow.

1. Wall Mounted
The most well-received style for Indian kitchens, these can be affixed between two cabinets, directly above your hob for maximum efficacy. Designed for the kitchens where stove located near the wall. Less or no ducting/pipes requires for exhaust smoke.

2. Built Under
The most well-received style for Indian kitchens, these can be affixed between two cabinets, directly above your hob for maximum efficacy. Designed for modern kitchens where stove / hob located in middle of kitchen. Necessary ducting / pipes required to exhaust smoke out.

3. Island
Perfect for cooktops affixed on islands, the island kitchen chimney extends to the ceiling, becoming a central element in your modular kitchen. Designed for modern kitchens and people who are looking for to prevent chimney from kitchen interior decoration.

By choosing the right appliances for your kitchen, you can cook a gourmet meal without smelling like one! So, cook on and, cook some more! And forget all about bad odors with Daz Mogen’s wonderful range of kitchen accessories.

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